About Us

Why to choose ALFA LAMDA;

For over 25 years ALFA LAMDA has been working with one priority, to present quality products at competitive prices and satisfy its customers’ needs. Since the beginning of its founding, the company has been investing significant resources in research and development, seeking innovative products that meet high standards. Furthermore, ALFA LAMDA is one of the few companies in the market with a Design department that designs innovative and ergonomic packaging. In 2011 the company renewed its full product range, introducing new products at highly competitive prices. The main product categories include Telephones, Security Systems, Door-phones, Vision, Sound, Clocks- Meteorological Stations, Lighting, Electrical Equipment, Tools, Household Appliances, Heating and Air Conditioning. Also this year the company gained teh exclusive representation and distribution of two very important A-brands, General Electric Distributor Phones and Brennenstuhl.

The company decided to respond to the current and growing demands of the market by creating an e-commerce which will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Through www.alfalamda.gr users will have the opportunity to learn about existing and new products, interesting offers as well as be informed directly about their orders and financial information. ALFA LAMDA has proved in practice that it invests significant resources in technology. Starting in 2001 by installing the most advanced for its time computer system, then investing in the market PDAs for its sales managers, and in 2005 it was among the first companies in the industry which presented a e-shop B2B.